St. Patrick-themed session

The Friday of  March 18th was  devoted to St Patrick’s day — yet, you can’t imagine the variety of topics we touched upon! What I absolutely love about the speaking clubs is 2 things, basically:

  • you never know which way the discussion will take you, and —
  • you learn such a lot from the clubbers while they discover a great deal from you… Here’s what we did (including the links to songs and downloadable materials!)

1.Watch the St Patrick’s Day parade. Spectacular and hilarious (very funny)!

2. What is Saint Patrick‘s day all about? —  a powerpoint presentation (easy!) from
The symbols of this day, the shamrock, the leprechauns and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… We ended up with the Irich traditional cuisine and noted down a recipe of the Irish stew — and then discussed it.  What’s more, our ladies soon switched to discussing the healthy and unhealthy food, and we learned a lot from Marina — a biologist — about metabolism!

3. Speaking of food — the sad matters now:  Sinead O’Connor’s condemning  song about the famine (голод)  in Ireland. Or was there any? Acute (острые) social issues were raised during a hectic (горячая) discussion that followed. Download the lyrics

4. Back to the funny side of life again. The Irish are outstanding! Witty, violent and full of other virtues 🙂 Can you do this quiz based on the great quotes about the Irish by famous people?

5. To finish on the high — we sang another song by Irish Rovers — The Unicorn Song. It bears little connection with the St Patrick, yet — it’s just a lovly sonf you’re sure to enjoy! Lyrics here — listen and read and find out why Unicorns have disappeared… We ate cookies with green jam, drank the green soft drink and had a cup of green tea with green apples, too!

Come to the club (see what awaits you on the sidebar — Что будет?) — to enjoy another bunch of great topics.

обсудить эту сессию на форуме — поговорить на English, получить консультацию…


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