забавные профессии…

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Мы нашли это в инете. И это забавно или просто интересно пообсуждать. Ссылку на первоисточник дать сложно, поскольку опубликовано на многих сайтах — и какой из них первоисточник? 🙂 Из этого получилось увлекательное занятие клуба (пятница, 30 сентября). Итак —

The world’s funniest jobs — A to Z.

 A — Assistant to a Magician Ahmed El Bayed 2
B — Blueberry Counter (literally counted blueberries)
C — Carnival Ride Magician
D — Dynamite Packer
E — Eye Bank Procurer (снабженец) (procured eyes and corneas for transplants and research)
F — Fantasy Theme Park Character
G — Gold Miner
H — High Priority Document Escort (traveled by airplane with boxes of documents that required their own seat and had to be watched by the escort at all times)
I — Instructor for Prison Education Program
J — Janitor for Zoo Cages
K — Karaoke DJ
L — Location Scout for Filming
M — Mountain Cave Tour Guide
N — Nanny for Company Guard Dog
O — Obituary Writer
P — Pet Photographer’s Apprentice (dressed up pets in costumes for photos)
Q — Quality Control Manager for Fast Food Chain (drove around to different restaurant locations and sampled burgers)
R — Recreational Therapist for Psychiatric Hospital (played games with patients to sharpen cognitive and motor skills)
S — Shopper (tested professionalism of store staff by acting as a potential customer)
T — Trapper of Black Bears
U — Undercover Investigator
V — Voice for Recorded Announcements (oh that is funny and maybe boring — but is it unusual?.. not really :))
W — Whisker for Carpet Company (removed lint from carpet samples all day)
X — Xmas Gift Wrapper
Y — Yoga Instructor (what’s so very unusual about this job??? Perhaps, there were no better ones for letter Y 🙂
Z — Zip Code Finder (looked up zip codes for callers)

We discussed this list — which jobs are really exciting and which are tedious (boring), and which one we would applly for if we lost our current job and there were no other choice. But that was just the beginning! We launched a hectic (hot) debate about whether the person should live to work or work to live, and discussed if it is possible to make your job a hobby.

Attention teachers! You can download a conversation lesson based on this information, as well as teacher’s notes. Не-преподавателям этот урок тоже может пригодиться — в нем есть несколько полезных речевых моделей.


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