World’s most famous artists and their masterpieces.

For our Amazing Arts club we selected a bunch of nice materials. This presentation didn’t fit within the 3 academic hours (there was so much to discuss!), but you can enjoy it nevertheless.

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I found the presentation on the internet (I expect it’s open source) — and added the black background as well as some music. I’ll publish the links to the powerpoint-sharing sites soon on the teacher’s club page. This is the slideshow of the presentation. Download this presentation as ppt for free from this page.

The club’s forthcoming sessions are announced here.

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Visual arts — a fascinating journey.

The club of December, 16th was a great success (as it appeared — :)).

Here’s one of the many things we discussed  — amazing art from rubbish (a slideshow and a powerpoint to download) —

    • and a wonderful video of sand art (sand animation):

Art from… rubbish. Or — Trash to treasures.

Это — презентация, которую (в числе прочих интересностей) мы обсуждали в клубе 16 декабря. You’re sure to like it — and, perhaps, be inspired by it!

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Download the presentation for free to use in your classroom.

And — watch another great video from the same club: an unforgettable sand art show.

The forthcoming club’s topics can be gound here (Kharms club in December, 2012).

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Food, glorious food…

The mouth-watering, and sometimes blood-chilling, presentation of some funny and weird foods from around the world.

Вот многие из тех странных и непонятных блюд, о которых мы говорили здесь (English Tiles — иноСТРАННАя еда).  Нет — кое-что вполне традиционно и съедобно. Хотя — на вкус и цвет… Глядите сами.

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Foods from around the world — a powerpoint presentation for your classroom. (picture source: